Tips from the Kent Locksmith

  1. Make sure the locksmith you chose is a member of an accredited association and is an approved ‘Buy with Confidence’ member
  2. Ensure any work carried out is guaranteed. We guarantee all our work against faulty materials and craftsmanship for a full twelve months.
  3. Ensure the Locksmith you choose is fully insured. We are fully insured so you can rest assured when dealing with us that everything we do is covered.
  4. A mortice locked door will ensure that, even if a burglar has managed to enter your house through a window, he won’t be able to carry his plunder out through the door.
  5. Many insurance companies will specify a BS3621 five-lever mortice lock must be fitted as a condition of home insurance.
  6. Look out for the British Standard kitemark – the sign that assures the lock will withstand drilling, picking, cutting and forcing.
  7. ‘Choose a higher lever’. As levers facilitate the locking action, the more there are, the harder it will be for the lock to be forced. In most homes, mortice locks have between two and five levers.
  8. Make a habit of always looking through your door viewer before opening the door.
  9. Check the viewing angles available on door viewers before buying. The greater the viewing angle, the easier it is to see callers – wherever they are standing.
  10.  It’s a good idea to ensure your night latch has a deadlocking facility. Adding extra security, giving the key an extra turn will deadlock the night latch so it can only be opened with a key from the outside but not from the inside – foiling the thief who has smashed door glass to reach in.
  11.  Use night latches as an additional rather than sole means of security. As it is screwed to the door, it may still be possible for burglars to kick the door in or trip the lock tongue with a thin piece of plastic.
  12.  Be especially vigilant if your garage has a connecting door to the house. Once a thief is in your garage he can break-in to the house un-seen.
  13.  Why not think of extending your burglar alarm to cover your garage or shed. We often keep fairly high value equipment in them so let’s not help thieves to help themselves.
  14.  It’s probably worth making sure your household insurance policy covers theft from your shed and garage.
  15.  Always remember to remove the key from your patio door lock when you are not using the door or go out. Hide all keys in a safe place.
  16.  It's best to get professional advice before fitting additional locks to patio doors.

As we are centrally based in Kent we are able to cover Ashford, Folkestone, Dover, Romney Marsh, Tenterden and Faversham.

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